Jul 12

Partner Pattern Recap 7/12/18

Here’s what we featured in tonight’s teaches and reviews of Partner Pattern Dances:

Better With A Girl Like You (Van Zilen & Van Zilen)
Hometown Kids For 2
Lover’s Swing
Smokin’ Cha
Runaway Trains

Jun 28

Partner Pattern Dance Recap 6/28/18

Tonight’s list of Partner Pattern Dancing covered a mix of beginner and experienced level choreography as well as practiced form & technique with students to better their leader and follower skills. A good focus on that helped develop connection. Below is a sample of dances we used and worked on:

16 Step
After the Dawn
Cowboy Merengue
Lover’s Swing
Smokin’ Cha

Jun 16

Open Dance Recap Friday 6/15/18

On Friday, June 15th the Dance Hall featured local choreographer Ed Evangelista as the dance instructor for the night. He taught his own dance, “Barefootin” which is making its tour around New England as the chill dance for this summer.

The partner dance was choreographed by Aric & Sheryl Lemieux and called “Runaway Trains“. The concept for this dance is to give the traditional “follower” a chance to lead. The first 32 counts are pretty easy, but good because the song is faster. The last 8 start the switch sequence, then gives you 4 beats to react and get ready to play the opposite role.

“Cowboy” Ron Moon is scheduled as a featured DI for Friday, July 6th.
Dancing With the Cowboy

May 17

Line Dance Recap Improver/Intermediate 5/16/18

Here’s a look at what dances were featured for lessons and reviews from Wednesday’s Line Dancing:

Sunshine Twist
Boys Will Be Boys
Fly Like A Bird

May 10

Partner Pattern Dance Recap 5/10/18

The Partner Pattern dance class runs a format of reviews and teaches split up by a few open dance breaks. Here’s what was highlighted tonight:

Hometown Kids For 2
Lover’s Swing
Midnight In Memphis

May 10

Line Dance Recap Improver/Intermediate 5/9/18

Aric was off this Wednesday, Sheryl filled in and brought back an old favorite: Boys Will Be Boys

Next week will have a review of this as well as last week’s lesson Sunshine Twist.

May 10

Line Dance Recap Intro/Beginner 5/8/18

Here is the list of new teaches and reviews for the Intro & Beginner levels on Tuesday, 5/8/18:

Fun For All
Mamma Maria
And It Goes Like This
Bullfrog on a Log

And the challenge dance:

Apr 11

Line Dance Recap 4/10/18 (Intro/Beginner)

Here’s the line up of dances taught and reviewed for Tuesday’s Intro & Beginner Line Dance class on 4/10/18:

Features: Pretty Little Galway Girl, I’m Free
Reviews: Chug Chug Chug, Mamma Maria, Bullfrog On A Log

Apr 11

Recap – Line Dance Workshop 4/8/17

Here are the dances from Bill & Robert’s Line Dance Workshop on Saturday 4/8/17. Some of which were features at this year’s Line Dance Showdown in Boston!

Money Maker
Inna’s Heaven
Crash A Little

Jan 10

West Coast Swing Recap 1/9/17

Monday 1/9/17: Dance Instructor Kamau gave the students a practice session on balancing weight when in contact with a partner. Keeping it at a mid-weight scale demonstrating how it should feel during most points of basic West Coast Swing. Afterwards, the students moved on to a few practice runs using that with connectivity before moving on to patterns.

Here is a video of the patterns practiced:

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