Feb 27

Line Dance Recap 2/27/18

Here are the links to the line dance sheets for Tuesday 2/27/18:

Bounce Bounce
I’m Free
Honey, I’m Good

Jan 04

1/17/18: Closed for Snow

Wednesday’s 1/17/18 Line Dance class is closed due to poor weather. Be safe and see you soon!

Aug 10

Partner Pattern Dance Recap 8/10/17

We had some new faces on the floor tonight and a lot of return dancers. It made for quite an evening of welcoming new friends, reviews and some new teaches all around. Here’s the list of just about everything we worked on:

Slow Me Down (new teach)
After the Dawn
Firefly Polka
Dirty Boots
16 Step

Aug 10

Line Dance Recap Intro/Beginner 8/8/17

Here is a list of featured and reviewed dances from Dance Hall 360 with Sheryl & Aric on Tuesday, 8/8/17:

Bounce Bounce
Canadian Stomp (Early bonus lesson)

I Like It
Whiskey Girl
Do the Mess Around

Jul 26

Line Dance Workshop 7/23/17

Here are the dances from Bill & Robert’s line dance workshop on Sunday 7/23/17:

Lonely Drum
I’m Free
3 Amigos
Have A Good Time

Jul 26

Line Dance Recap 7/25/17

Week 2 of Aric covering for Sheryl at Dance Hall 360’s Intro-Beginner Line Dancing. Sheryl is expected to be in full capacity for dancing next week! This time around we brought what should be considered a classic at some point: American Kids. The dance has been in the top 100 for several years and is a world standard in modern line dancing.

Here are the featured dances and reviews for the evening:
American Kids
Do the Mess Around
Gin & Tonic
Nice and Easy

Jun 29

Partner Pattern Recap 6/29/17

Here are the list of the featured partner pattern dances and some thoughts for them:

Dirty Boots (Dance Albro, Intermediate Level)
Music: Jon Pardi – Dirt On My Boots
Thoughts: Any good form of Canadian Stomp style rhythms seem to work. We used it to Rascal Flatt’s “Prayin’ For Daylight” with success as well as attempted to use a slower polka/shuffle step rhythm like Colbie Caillat’s “Never Gonna Let You Down” with a big smile at the end. The soft, light-hearted tune gave the dance a bouncier feeling from the hard hits of Pardi’s track.

After The Dawn (BobbyJo Sargent, Beginner Level)
Music: Charlie Puth & Meghan Trainor – Marvin Gaye
Thoughts: Cool little dance for this level, well paced as well. Wanna have a hoot with this one? Pair it with Rudedog’s “I Got A Woman” (ft Ray Charles). Plenty of room to horse around!

May 06

Recap: Line Dance Workshop 5/6/17

Here are Saturday’s (5/6/17) workshop dances!

Champagne Promise – c. Tina Argyle
Whatchugot – c. Neville Fitzgerald & Julie Harris
In The Cheap Seats – c. Neville Fitzgerald & Julie Harris
Dancing Around It – c. Dan Albro

Apr 11

Recap – Line Dance Workshop 4/8/17

Here are the dances from Bill & Robert’s Line Dance Workshop on Saturday 4/8/17. Some of which were features at this year’s Line Dance Showdown in Boston!

Money Maker
Inna’s Heaven
Crash A Little

Mar 02

Line Dance Recap 3/1/17

20 days to spring. Who’s counting though? We took some time tonight for our feature dance to bring in a tango with a twist. Here is the line up of dances taught and reviewed:

Tango With Me Darling
Love Letter Waltz
Back It Up

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