Jul 08

Introduction to Line Dancing Class Forming 7/25/16

Dance Hall 360 is hosting an introductory course to line dancing starting on Monday 7/25. This course will introduce new dancers to the world of dance with basic steps to get them started on the dance floor. The instructors are Sheryl Martin and Aric Lemieux (pictured below). Emails will follow each class with a synopsis of the lessons and dance sheets and instructional videos when applicable.

The course is 6 weeks on Mondays from 6pm-7pm. Cost: $30.

Payment will be collected at the first class during registration.

20160725 LD-AB Promo 2


  1. Maureen Murphy

    Hi Aric and Sheryl,
    Do we need to register for this beginners class before July 25th or can we just show up at the first class. I have a few friends that are interested also.
    Maureen Murphy

    1. Aric

      Hi Maureen,
      Registration is at the beginning of class on the first day.
      – Aric

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