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West Coast Swing Saturday, September 17th with Johanna Barnes

Saturday Part 1: West Coast Swing Newcomer Intensive.
4:00 – 6:00 pm
$25, includes evening dance ((Part 3) 8:30 pm – midnight or later)

West Coast Swing is one of the most musical, creative, versatile, and social partner dances in the world!
This is a terrific introduction to the basics of West Coast Swing. You’ll be offered the foundation of the dance, movement to practice, and enough of the basic concepts to begin practicing and social dancing as a newcomer to a very welcome dance community! This is also a great opportunity for dancers who perhaps feel that stepping away from patterns and going back to basics will benefit their dancing.
This intensive will operate like a small group private, with opportunity for individual feedback, so space is limited with no more than 20 spots open to attend. NO PARTNER NEEDED.
The goal is to have time to learn and practice the pure basics for a solid stepping stone to move forward from as you grow in your West Coast Swing knowledge.

BYOB and BYOSnacks. Bottled water is available for $1.
Pre-Pay to secure your spot by contacting Dance Hall 360 directly, or with your instructor Johanna Barnes.
An announcement will be made if/when the intensive is full.

Your instructor is a competitive Jack & Jill leader and follower of West Coast Swing (too many top placements to mention) for more than 15 years. She is a WCS Pro-Am Spotlight multiple 1st place winner, a Country ProAm UCWDC World Championship top finisher (2nd highest overall), a Line Dance and Choreography World Champion, and a teacher of ‘something’ since she was 13. Johanna learned most of her dance skills as an adult, has been on a long-term learning curve with this particular dance, and therefore can really try to help translate concepts simply and effectively for the social dance community.

Saturday Parts 2 & 3: Evening Lesson and Social Dance.

Part 2: Lesson: 7:30 – 8:30 pm
A great way to mix it up, dance with everyone, and work through fundamentals and partnering skills! Think of ‘The Barn Dance’ for Westies! (It’s a pattern that ‘passes’ to your next partner!)

8:30 pm – 1:00 am?
Contemporary music mix. Mostly West Coast Swing with some crossover based on attendance and requests.

There will be a free snack table, feel free to bring something to add to it!

BYOB (yes, whatever you like), and BYOSnacks.
Bottled water is available for $1 donation.
(Entry fee at the door)

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  1. Carol Haab

    Thank You Johanna for the great work shop and dance. Looking forward to the next one. I had so fun with the westies and met so many nice people last night. Thanks again and at some point I would like to do a private lesson for my turns. :))))). Carol

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