Oct 28

Wednesday Night Line Dance Recap 10/26/16

Tonight we experimented with a new format. The first hour was all review of our recent dances. Completely geared towards making sure everything we teach sticks. Review, reiterate, and apply. The response was great and we’re going to move on with it.

That being out there, the Beginner Level dancing is moving to Tuesday night. 6pm will start with an introductory course for absolute newbie friendly steps and patterns. At 7, will be a beginner style lesson and some review. 8pm: open dance to practice everything that got learned from then until now. Easier style line dancing all night.

Wednesdays will bring back some more challenges. We’ll keep rocking out the Improver Level & Social style dancing and we’re going to reintroduce the easier Intermediate levels that we had at the ‘ol Celebrations Dance Hall. Yes, it took a little time but we went for quality of what we could provide and it paid off.

Here’s the recap on what we were dancing tonight:
Feature – Gypsy Queen
Shake A Tail Feather
The Fighter
CT Shuffle
Agua Y Fuego
Drift Away

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