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Jan 04

1/17/18: Closed for Snow

Wednesday’s 1/17/18 Line Dance class is closed due to poor weather. Be safe and see you soon!

Jun 23

Line Dance Review 6/22/17

Here is a list of dances that were retaught & reviewed on Thursday, June 22, 2017. The format was a success and we will be expecting to see this monthly to catch up on dances we need to work on and ones we almost forgot! Look at July 20th as the next one. Playing With …

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May 10

Line Dance Recap 5/9/17

DH360 welcomed the Farmington Adult Education Line Dance Class who had just completed their sessions back at Farmington High School. Here are the featured lessons from Tuesday, May 9th, 2017: Mr Dee Jay Country Walkin

Mar 28

Line Dance Recap 3/28/17

Here is the rundown of new dances taught at Dance Hall 360 for the Intro/Beginner dances on 3/28/17: Do You Remember EZ Tango With Me Darling

Nov 09

Line Dance Recap 11/9/16

Here’s a highlight of dances tonight from the Line Dancing on 11/9/16 at Dance Hall 360: Featured Dances: History Take Me To The River Reviews: Gangsta Walk Gypsy Queen

Oct 12

Line Dance Recap 10/12/16

So the instruction was OK considering Aric’s knee was shot again and Sheryl’s heel was hurting as well. We’ll send a shout out thanks to Robert Delong for being our feet while we talked through it. Here’s the listing of dances featured and reviewed tonight: New Teaches: Agua Y Fuego CT Shuffle Reviews: La Cienega …

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Sep 29

Line Dance Recap 9/28/16

The monthly review was conducted at Dance Hall 360 on Wednesday covering 4 of our favorite dances in the last month. A new dance was brought out as a beginner teach which many of us found to be an excellent source of steps at a comfortably slow tempo that instructors can use to transition dancers …

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Sep 14

Line Dance Recap 9/14/16

So if you missed out, here are the lessons for line dances on Wednesday 9/14 at Dance Hall 360 with Sheryl: A Little Love Trip Fun For All

Aug 02

Intro to Line Dance Recap 8/1/16

Monday’s Intro to Line Dancing class featured 3 new dance steps for the students. – Charleston – Rocking Chair – Toe Struts Here are the dances used to practice these steps: Mamma Maria (Frank Trace) Fun For All (Sue Ann Ehmann)

Jul 27

Line Dance Recap 7/27/16

A completely fun night of dances was had tonight as Aric covered both lessons. Tonight we featured music off the charts from now and recently with Meghan Trainor (#12 on Billboard today!) and Omi. Here are the dance sheets for lessons tonight: A Cheerleader Wanna Be Me