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Jan 10

West Coast Swing Recap 1/9/17

Monday 1/9/17: Dance Instructor Kamau gave the students a practice session on balancing weight when in contact with a partner. Keeping it at a mid-weight scale demonstrating how it should feel during most points of basic West Coast Swing. Afterwards, the students moved on to a few practice runs using that with connectivity before moving …

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Aug 21

West Coast Swing Saturday, September 17th with Johanna Barnes

Saturday Part 1: West Coast Swing Newcomer Intensive. 4:00 – 6:00 pm $25, includes evening dance ((Part 3) 8:30 pm – midnight or later) West Coast Swing is one of the most musical, creative, versatile, and social partner dances in the world! This is a terrific introduction to the basics of West Coast Swing. You’ll …

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Jun 29

West Coast Swing Kicks Off!

Kristen Shaw and Josh Albert started the West Coast Swing sessions at Dance Hall 360 on Monday, June 27th. The turnout was excellent and introduced a couple of first time dancers as well as reunited the West Coast Alley group. Dueling DJs was the theme after lessons as both Josh & Kristen took turns spinning …

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