Feb 09

Snow Closure for Country Swing 2/9/17

Please be safe tonight. We’re staying dark tonight for the snow. Enjoy the good snowman making material and we’ll see you next time around!

Jan 11

Line Dance Recap 1/11/17

Quite a bit of lesson and review tonight! Here’s a run down of the featured lessons (whether planned or impromptu) and reviews:

Damn Good Lover

Bring Down the House
Oops Baby
Road Less Traveled

Ain’t Giving
County Fair Stomp
Better When I’m Dancin’, Baby

Jan 10

Line Dance Recap 1/10/17

Here are tonight’s featured and reviewed line dances from Dance Hall 360 with Sheryl on Tuesday 1/10/17:

And It Goes Like This
Keep My Cool
Fun For All
Feeling Kinda Lonely
County Fair Stomp
Tempting Elvis
Gin & Tonic
Bull Frog On A Log

We had a few featured new steps that the class learned as well:
Jazz Box
Monterey Turn

Jan 10

West Coast Swing Recap 1/9/17

Monday 1/9/17: Dance Instructor Kamau gave the students a practice session on balancing weight when in contact with a partner. Keeping it at a mid-weight scale demonstrating how it should feel during most points of basic West Coast Swing. Afterwards, the students moved on to a few practice runs using that with connectivity before moving on to patterns.

Here is a video of the patterns practiced:

Oct 28

Wednesday Night Line Dance Recap 10/26/16

Tonight we experimented with a new format. The first hour was all review of our recent dances. Completely geared towards making sure everything we teach sticks. Review, reiterate, and apply. The response was great and we’re going to move on with it.

That being out there, the Beginner Level dancing is moving to Tuesday night. 6pm will start with an introductory course for absolute newbie friendly steps and patterns. At 7, will be a beginner style lesson and some review. 8pm: open dance to practice everything that got learned from then until now. Easier style line dancing all night.

Wednesdays will bring back some more challenges. We’ll keep rocking out the Improver Level & Social style dancing and we’re going to reintroduce the easier Intermediate levels that we had at the ‘ol Celebrations Dance Hall. Yes, it took a little time but we went for quality of what we could provide and it paid off.

Here’s the recap on what we were dancing tonight:
Feature – Gypsy Queen
Shake A Tail Feather
The Fighter
CT Shuffle
Agua Y Fuego
Drift Away

Oct 26

Intro & Beginner Line Dance Tuesdays!

Exciting new changes to our beginner night……
For starters, we are moving…. To Tuesday evening.

Join Sheryl every Tuesday starting November 15th at $5 for the evening.

At 6pm we start our Absolute Beginner line dancing classes. This class is designed for that student wanting to try out dancing. Always wanted to dance but have two left feet…. that’s ok – this is the class for you! We will teach a few simple steps at a slow pace breaking down the basics, moving at a slower level until your comfort level with dancing increases. By the end we will have you line dancing to the music, learning some terminology, and tips, all while having fun, meeting new friends, and getting a great workout each week.

At 7, our Beginner class begins. This is designed for that student that wants to move on from the introductory basics, but needs to learn dances at a slower pace. Here we will continue with the basics steps and patterns you have been working on in the Intro class. We will begin introducing different popular 32 count dances, as well as continuing to teach and refine beginner steps and terminology. In this class, you will see new dances or patterns weekly along with 2 -3 reviews from the previous week’s lessons.

8 pm – Open Dance – Continue to practice all your favorites during our open dance.

Join us at 6, 7 or 8 PM We look forward to teaching you on the floor.


Oct 19

Line Dance Recap 10/19/16

Swivels are definitely a thing right now. It seems like a dance ain’t nothing if it ain’t got swivels!

This week’s featured line dances for teaches at Dance Hall 360:
Shake A Tail Feather
Let It Swing

There were a few others we haven’t seen in a little while:
Footprints on the Water

Sep 23

Line Dance Recap 9/21/16

Wednesday night’s Line Dancing at Dance Hall 360 brought us a few classics, both in dancing and musically. The oldies brought back were Little Red Book and Ghost Train (Done to Zorba’s Dance)

The featured dance of the night is based on the golden oldie track “Do You Love Me?”, this time performed by the Overtones.
Well Do Ya?

Welcome to Dance Hall 360

It’s finally here! Dance Hall 360 is your new dancing experience. Our focus is to promote social dancing in the Southern New England Area by offering lessons of every level and genre and host opportunities for dance groups to have social dances.

Check out our teaser video!

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