Line Dance Recap 5/29/19

Amazing turnout of new dancers tonight! Thanks for checking us out & we’ll look forward to dancing again next week!

Here’s a recap of featured dances (not all of them) from our two sessions and open dance:

Beginner’s Hour:
Mamma Maria
Shake It
Cowboy Charleston
And It Goes Like This
Lindi Shuffle
Waltz Line Dance (Lynne Flanders)

7pm on:
All I Am Is You
Bounce Bounce
No Excuses
Say Something
Groovy Love
Dance With Me Baby
Road Less Traveled
Mad Crazy Love
Celtic Duo

Halloween Dance 2018

Fun times at our 2018 Halloween Dance! With plenty of candy to go around, costumes, music & friends, it was a great way to celebrate the holiday at Dance Hall 360.
If you have any pictures to send in, we will add it to the post:

Our featured dance lessons for the night:
I’m On A Roll
No Excuses
Straight To Hell~O

Line Dance Recap Wednesday 10/24/18

Wednesday’s Line Dance class featured the 2018 Hotlanta’s 1st place dance for newcomers in the Improver division. Rob Holley’s “I’m On A Roll” is a two wall dance with easy to remember restarts, both back-to-back on the front wall. Congratulations to Rob on his win!

The list of features:
I’m On A Roll
Say Something
It Solo Solo

Reminder: We will be closed for Halloween on Wednesday, October 31st as we are committed to keeping our dentistry offices in business. Have a great night!