Intro & Beginner Line Dance Tuesdays!

Exciting new changes to our beginner night……
For starters, we are moving…. To Tuesday evening.

Join Sheryl every Tuesday starting November 15th at $5 for the evening.

At 6pm we start our Absolute Beginner line dancing classes. This class is designed for that student wanting to try out dancing. Always wanted to dance but have two left feet…. that’s ok – this is the class for you! We will teach a few simple steps at a slow pace breaking down the basics, moving at a slower level until your comfort level with dancing increases. By the end we will have you line dancing to the music, learning some terminology, and tips, all while having fun, meeting new friends, and getting a great workout each week.

At 7, our Beginner class begins. This is designed for that student that wants to move on from the introductory basics, but needs to learn dances at a slower pace. Here we will continue with the basics steps and patterns you have been working on in the Intro class. We will begin introducing different popular 32 count dances, as well as continuing to teach and refine beginner steps and terminology. In this class, you will see new dances or patterns weekly along with 2 -3 reviews from the previous week’s lessons.

8 pm – Open Dance – Continue to practice all your favorites during our open dance.

Join us at 6, 7 or 8 PM We look forward to teaching you on the floor.


Line Dance Recap 8/10/16

Tonight’s featured dances included a selection from one of our local favorites: Jill Weiss. “Stop and Drink” brings out a little twist on some of the beginner step Rumba Box and literally adds a twist for good measure! The harder lesson at 7pm was “Cake By the Ocean”. This has been extremely popular locally. We’ll be splitting the floor for both Pflug’s and Blevins’ versions. Below are the links:

Stop and Drink
Cake By the Ocean


Line Dance Recap 7/20/16

We played a little catch up this past Wednesday with a featured reteach of Johanna Barnes’ choreography “Brokenhearted” and a popular local favorite “Better When I’m Dancin’, Baby” by Gitte Stehr. Reviews of last week’s lessons by Robert DeLong and Bill Belejack included “Let It Swing” by Jamie Barnfield and “Run” by Raymond Sarlemijn & Darren Bailey.

Dance Sheet Links:
Better When I’m Dancin’, Baby
Let It Swing

Sheryl teaches "Better When I'm Dancin', Baby" to the early group.

Sheryl teaches “Better When I’m Dancin’, Baby” to the early group.