Halloween Dance 2018

Fun times at our 2018 Halloween Dance! With plenty of candy to go around, costumes, music & friends, it was a great way to celebrate the holiday at Dance Hall 360.
If you have any pictures to send in, we will add it to the post: aric@dancehall360.com

Our featured dance lessons for the night:
I’m On A Roll
No Excuses
Straight To Hell~O

Partner Pattern Workshop 2/11/18

The Partner Pattern Workshop on Sunday, 2/11 was geared to introduce new dancers to the world of dancing in this format. It also offered a progression of more challenging dances as the night moved on. Keep in touch with us to see more upcoming events like this one in the weeks to come. As mentioned in class, many of these dancers were handed down generation to generation. Depending on where you dance, there may be varieties in the steps.

Here is a list of dances taught and linked to a step sheet when available:
Electric Slide (Couples)
U.K. Corral Shuffle
EL Paso

Partner Pattern Recap 6/29/17

Here are the list of the featured partner pattern dances and some thoughts for them:

Dirty Boots (Dance Albro, Intermediate Level)
Music: Jon Pardi – Dirt On My Boots
Thoughts: Any good form of Canadian Stomp style rhythms seem to work. We used it to Rascal Flatt’s “Prayin’ For Daylight” with success as well as attempted to use a slower polka/shuffle step rhythm like Colbie Caillat’s “Never Gonna Let You Down” with a big smile at the end. The soft, light-hearted tune gave the dance a bouncier feeling from the hard hits of Pardi’s track.

After The Dawn (BobbyJo Sargent, Beginner Level)
Music: Charlie Puth & Meghan Trainor – Marvin Gaye
Thoughts: Cool little dance for this level, well paced as well. Wanna have a hoot with this one? Pair it with Rudedog’s “I Got A Woman” (ft Ray Charles). Plenty of room to horse around!

Partner Pattern Dance List & Requests

Dear Partners,

This is a link to what we have started as a list of Partner Pattern Dances for our Thursday night events. It includes dances we know, have known, standards, currents, requests, etc.

Feel free to check them out and put in your requests on what you’d like to see taught, reviewed, brought back, etc. We will have a better idea on what we’re learning and teaching closer to the next dance scheduled for Thursday, April 6th.

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