Line Dance Recap (Imp/Int) 8/30/17

The featured dance in this class was “Heartache on the Dance Floor” by Dan Albro. Again, we have a dance with a lot of interesting sequences that just flows nicely. The music may seem fast for anyone not experienced at an Intermediate Level, otherwise it’s pretty darn cool.

The song’s phrasing falls off so much repeatedly that it could be looked at as needing several tags or restarts but I’ll admire that Albro just let all that go and had a sole restart towards the end of the dance to assist getting back on phrase as well as end nicely on the front wall. By doing this, it allowed multiple patterns to get the feel of different parts on the song therefore not making it so monotonous hitting the same steps sequences in the same parts of the song.

Heartache On The Dance Floor

Intro/Beginner Line Dance Recap 8/15/17

Tonight’s lessons brought in a few recent favorites that featured a rumba box and 1-2-cha-cha-cha steps. We worked on shuffles and 3/4 turns as well as felt how different music can make a dance feel different. What we discovered was how in one case, it was liked just as is where other found it better to alternative music. This flexibility opens up the potential to be able to dance to more music and possibly like a dance that other music did not appeal to the dancer as much.

Sheryl’s 6pm teach:
All About That Bass

Aric’s 7pm teach:
Blue Night Cha

Here are a few alternative song suggestions for Blue Night Cha:
Blake Shelton – Honey Bee
Luke Bryan – Roller Coaster
Anahi (ft Wisen) – Rumba

Partner Pattern Dance List & Requests

Dear Partners,

This is a link to what we have started as a list of Partner Pattern Dances for our Thursday night events. It includes dances we know, have known, standards, currents, requests, etc.

Feel free to check them out and put in your requests on what you’d like to see taught, reviewed, brought back, etc. We will have a better idea on what we’re learning and teaching closer to the next dance scheduled for Thursday, April 6th.

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